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About Law Seminars

The most successful people master today's issues and think ahead about the best solutions for tomorrow. At Law Seminars International, we focus on providing the information you need to be at the forefront of your profession.

In our complex world, there are no purely legal, business, or public policy issues. LSI's programs feature a faculty of top professionals from a variety of disciplines. Our equally distinguished audiences include lawyers, business executives, consultants, and government officials. Our goal is to provide information in its full context so that you will have a more comprehensive understanding of issues as they arise.

We offer a wide variety of two-day comprehensive conferences and one-day seminars throughout the country. Choose your preferred method for content delivery from the following:

  • Live Seminars provide an opportunity for sidebar conversations. As one attendee put it: Sometimes you just have to be in the same room!
  • Audio and Video Replays allow you to time-shift your content. Our replays can qualify for credits in most states.


H. Kate Johnson


Law Seminars President/Founder