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Law Seminars International Presents:

The Third Annual Intensive Legal and Technical Seminar on

Hydrology and the Law

Technical and legal developments for water rights and water supply issues in Arizona

May 9, 2016

Phoenix, AZ
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Who Should Order

Attorneys, consultants, agency officials, Tribal leaders, business executives and property owners

Why You Should Order

The key constraint on future growth in Arizona is often the ability to secure long-term physical and legal access to a water supply. This program will focus on the technical and legal aspects of water rights and water supply issues in Arizona and other common water issues affecting real estate transactions and municipal water development, with expert panelists from both disciplines.

In addition to providing an initial session covering the latest climatological forecasts for the Colorado River Basin and the status of the on-going regional drought, this timely seminar will provide an update on important water issues such as the status of the litigation over the interconnection between surface water, groundwater and subflow, and the EPA's new rule impacting the definition of "Waters of the United States." We will feature panels discussing plans for water supply augmentation in Arizona and the water management strategies being employed by municipal water providers. This broad-reaching seminar provides in-depth legal and technical discussions on the major water quantity and quality issues in Arizona today and its potential impact on growth and development.

~ Cynthia M. Chandley, Esq., Snell & Wilmer LLP and Rita P. Maguire, Esq., Maguire, Pearce & Storey, PLLC, Program Co-Chair

What You Will Learn

  • Climatological forecast for the Colorado River Basin
  • Arizona water supplies and an update on the Governor's Arizona Water Initiative
  • Effective use of science in resolving legal issues
  • Cloud seeding for capturing atmospheric rivers and increasing snowpack
  • Arizona surface water law vs. groundwater law); the legal concept of subflow for water at the boundary
  • Impact of the new federal rule concerning "Waters of the U.S." and its pending appeal on water resource development
  • Arizona Municipal water supply strategies

What Attendees Said

  • Very good content and speakers!
  • Great program!
  • Very informative!
  • This was a fascinating was a real treat to hear from some subject matter experts. I will definitely recommend to my partners.


Monday, May 09, 2016

8:00 am

Registration Opens

8:30 am

Introduction & Overview - (Session # 1)

Cynthia M. Chandley, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Snell & Wilmer LLP / Phoenix, AZ

Rita P. Maguire, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Maguire, Pearce & Storey, PLLC / Phoenix, AZ

8:45 am

The Latest Climatological Forecast for the Colorado River Basin

Forecasting science and current predictions: Will the current drought conditions continue, or can we look forward to more abundant supplies?

Kevin W. Murphy , Ph.D. Candidate
School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning,Arizona State University / Tempe, AZ

9:30 am

Arizona Water Supplies and an Update on the Governor's Arizona Water Initiative

Progress towards prioritizing the 22 planning areas identified in the 2014 Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability Report; development of long-term augmentation of water supplies, infrastructure development, and conservation strategies

Gerry Walker , Assistant Deputy Director
AZ Department of Water Resources / Phoenix, AZ

10:15 am


10:30 am

Water Supply Augmentation - (Session # 2)

Cloud seeding for capturing atmospheric rivers and increasing snowpack: Results of experiments in Idaho and Wyoming

Chuck Cullom , Colorado River Programs Manager
Central Arizona Project / Phoenix, AZ

Rehabilitation of contaminated groundwater through desalinization and contaminant removal: Where is the technology heading? What kinds of contamination can be addressed, and what cannot? How cost effective is the process?

Mark Dockum, PG, CEG, PG, CEG , Principal
GHD / San Francisco, CA

Water transport and banking: Status report on current recharge and recovery activities; changes we need to make going forward

Virginia O'Connell , Manager
Arizona Water Banking Authority / Phoenix, AZ

12:00 pm

Lunch (on your own)

1:15 pm

Legal and Scientific Update on Surface Water and Groundwater: Current Issues at the Interconnection of the Two - (Session # 3)

Arizona surface water law (use governed by prior appropriation) vs. groundwater law (governed by reasonable use standard); the legal concept of subflow for water at the boundary between surface water and groundwater; update on current adjudication issues

M. Byron Lewis
Salmon Lewis & Weldon PLC / Phoenix, AZ

Christopher W. Payne, Esq.
Snell & Wilmer LLP / Phoenix, AZ

The hydrology of surface water and groundwater; flow models and aquifer analysis; principles of water storage and recovery

Gregg S. Ten Eyck, P.E. , President
Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc. / Denver, CO

2:45 pm


3:00 pm

Effective Use of Science in Resolving of Legal Issues Relating to Water Quality - (Session # 4)

Impact of the new federal rule concerning "Waters of the U.S." and its pending appeal on water resource development; what it may mean to landowners and practical tips for tracing sources of adverse water quality impacts and calculating damages

Patrick J. Cunningham, Esq.
The Law Office of Patrick J. Cunningham, LLC / Scottsdale, AZ

Patrick J. Paul, Esq.
Snell & Wilmer LLP / Phoenix, AZ

Eric J. Mears, R.G. , Vice President Mining Services
Haley & Aldrich / Phoenix, AZ

4:15 pm

Municipal Water Supply Strategies

Innovative water management approaches as communities in Arizona respond to the drought, climate change, and the over-allocation of supplies

Kathryn Sorensen , Director
City of Phoenix Water Services Department / Phoenix, AZ

Bradley Hill , Utilities Director
City of Flagstaff / Flagstaff, AZ

5:00 pm

Evaluations & Adjourn

Faculty Bios

Cynthia M. Chandley , Program Co-Chair, partner, Snell & Wilmer, practices water, mining, natural resources, energy and environmental law as part of the firm's Natural Resources practice group. She has experience representing both large private claimants and governmental agencies in Arizona's General Stream Adjudication.

Rita P. Maguire , Program Co-Chair, founder, Maguire, Pearce & Storey, PLLC, is experienced in water, environmental and administrative law in Arizona. Previously, she was the founding President and CEO of the Arizona Center for Public Policy and Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Chuck Cullom , Manager of Colorado River Programs for the Central Arizona Project, has developed and managed water resources in Arizona and the Southwest. He develops and implements strategic planning efforts and projects that protect and enhance CAP's interests in the Colorado River.

Patrick J. Cunningham , The Law Office of Patrick J. Cunningham, LLC, provides environmental compliance and permitting advice, general corporate and business representation, and government affairs assistance to individuals and businesses. He is also General Counsel to HighGround Public Affairs Consultants.

Mark S. Dockum, PG, CEG, Tech nical and Business Leader for Remediation, designs, implements and manages remedial technologies for soil, soil gas and groundwater throughout the western United States, and is responsible for business development in the remediation arena.

Bradley Hill , Utilities Director, City of Flagstaff, has over 26 years of hydrological experience, 18 years in municipal government. He is responsible for water production, wastewater treatment, reclaimed water & stormwater.

Eric J. Mears, R.G. , Vice President Mining Services, Haley & Aldrich, focuses on environmental and water resources services for the mining industry. He manages and cordinates complex mining permitting and closure projects located in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He specializes in resource and asset evaluation, strategy development, community relations, and regulatory negotiations.

Kevin W. Murphy , Ph.D. Candidate, School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning, Arizona State University. His dissertation entails an investigation of the climate resilience and vulnerability of the Salt River Project system, present and future. He has also authored "An assessment of the stationarity of climate and stream flow in watersheds of the Colorado River Basin", the Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 509 (2014).

Virginia O'Connell , Manager, Arizona Water Banking Authority, was in Recharge, Municipal Conservation, and Adequate and Assured Water Supply Programs within the Phoenix Active Management Area Office of the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Patrick J. Paul , partner, Snell & Wilmer LLP, concentrates on environmental and toxic tort litigation, including mold, asbestos and pollution claims, and provides environmental and land use counseling.

Christopher W. Payne , attorney, Snell & Wilmer, focuses on real estate and natural resources including water, mining, environmental, and real estate law. Previously, he was a civil engineer conducting water supply and water development studies, floodplain delineation, solid waste planning, and grading and drainage design.

Kathryn Sorensen , Director, City of Phoenix Water Services Department, oversees one of the largest potable water utilities, which treats and delivers high quality tap water to customers, and manages Phoenix's sewer collection system, treating wastewater for the Valley of the Sun. The city's treated wastewater is recycled and reused for crops, ecosystem restoration, aquifer recharge, and energy.

Gregg S. Ten Eyck, P.E. , President, Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc. (LRE), focuses on long-range strategic planning, both for LRE and its clients. He has participated in many technical projects and water rights evaluations and appraisals.

Gerry Walker is Deputy Assistant Director of the Water Planning and Permitting Division with areas of responsibility that include the Arizona Water Initiative and Statewide Planning. Gerry also serves as the agency tribal liaison. In her tenure with the Department, Gerry previously served as Area Director for the Prescott Active Management Area and technical administrator for the Arizona Water Banking Authority.


Continuing Education Credits

Live credits: This program qualifies for AZ 6.5 CLE credits. Upon request, we will apply for, or help to apply for, CLE credits in other states and other types of credits.

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