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Law Seminars International Presents:

An Intensive One-Day Seminar on

Hydrology and the Law

Important information for lawyers and scientists on the interaction of the legal and technical aspects of surface and groundwater

September 15, 2016

Santa Monica, CA
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Who Should Order

Attorneys, environmental professionals, real estate developers, water users, water suppliers, public agencies and tribal representatives and anyone else involved in water issues in California

Why You Should Order

As California continues to struggle with maintaining sufficient water supplies from an historic drought, the intersection of law and hydrology continues to play a central role in efforts to provide water and maintain environmental protections. And with a possible end to the drought in the North, concerns shift to the effects of less frequent yet more intense storms and the associated dangers posed by flooding.

This informative seminar will examine the intersection of law and hydrology, for the benefit of practitioners in both fields. Leading experts in these fields will address the technical and legal aspects of sustainable groundwater management, growing concerns about refining reservoir operations and addressing liabilities associated with floodplain management, and the State's efforts to apply science in developing a fix for the Bay-Delta's finite water supplies. Speakers will also discuss opportunities and challenges in developing new water supplies, as well as the most current efforts by the courts, regulatory agencies, and experts to respond to significant regulatory changes in the protection of surface and groundwater, endangered species, and wetlands and streams. We hope to see you there.

~ Christian L. Marsh, Esq. of Downey Brand LLP and Peter Quinlan of Dudek, Program Co-Chairs

What You Will Learn

  • Hydrology, surface and groundwater flows
  • California WaterFix aquatic science
  • Climate change impacts on hydrologic cycle
  • SGMA and the interplay between common law and evolving science
  • Flood control vs. water supplies
  • SGMA emergency regulations: Determining overdraft and estimating sustainable yields
  • Treating wastewater from oil production
  • Evolving regulatory compliance issues for wetlands, species, and stream habitats
  • Waters of the US: Legal and technical approaches

What Attendees Said

  • Great faculty and content!
  • It was a very valuable conference...much appreciated"
  • Congratulations on a solid faculty & stimulating closing panel.
  • Very smoothly run, consistent level of presentation.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

8:00 am


8:30 am

Introduction & Overview - (Session # 1)

Christian L. Marsh, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Downey Brand LLP / San Francisco, CA

Peter Quinlan , Program Co-Chair, Vice President and Hydrogeology Practice Leader
Dudek / Encinitas, CA

8:45 am

Hydrology 101 Update: Surface and Groundwater Flows

The need for a greater focus on the interaction of surface and groundwater: Subsurface flows and the challenge of defining the boundary between surface and groundwater; aquifer analysis; recharge and related topics; Ventura River

Peter Quinlan , Program Co-Chair, Vice President and Hydrogeology Practice Leader
Dudek / Encinitas, CA

9:30 am

Delta Issues: California WaterFix Aquatic Science

Update on the scientific peer review for the joint Biological Opinion and 2081(b) Incidental Take Permit analyses of the California WaterFix proposal

Charles H. Hanson, Ph.D. , Senior Fishery Biologist
Hanson Environmental, Inc. / Walnut Creek, CA

Legal perspective on the use of science in connection with the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan Update and California WaterFix: Unimpaired flows and predation and ensuring the use of the "best available scientific and commercial information"

David R. E. Aladjem, Esq.
Downey Brand LLP / Sacramento, CA

10:30 am


10:45 am

The Transition from Drought to Too Much Water Too Fast: Weather Forecasts and Reservoir Management - (Session # 2)

A look at the future: Climate change and the anticipated impact on the hydrologic cycle; developments in the science that affect how far in advance can we accurately forecast rainfall

F. Martin Ralph, Ph.D. , Director
Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes / La Jolla, CA

Flood control vs. water supplies for people, agriculture, and fish at the end of the season: Requirements and liability risk management from a reservoir operator's perspective; what needs to change to produce different results

Charles E. Ester , Manager, Surface Water Resources
Salt River Project / Phoenix, AZ

Flood and risk management from a legal perspective

Andrea P. Clark, Esq.
Downey Brand LLP / Sacramento, CA

12:00 pm

Lunch (on your own)

1:15 pm

Achieving Groundwater Sustainability Under Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA): The Interplay between the Common Law and Evolving Science - (Session # 3)

A comparison of the requirements of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to the requirements of the former AB 3030 plans; an examination of different methods used to estimate the sustainable basin yield, the linchpin of SGMA

Stephen J. Cullen, Ph.D., PG , Principal Hydrogeologist, Senior Vice President, California Operations
Daniel B Stephens & Associates, Inc. / Santa Barbara, CA

SGMA Emergency Regulations on Groundwater Sustainability Plans: Determining overdraft and estimating sustainable yields for groundwater basins; case studies in the application of technical concepts to the Chino, Cadiz, and Inland and Coastal Basins

Amy M. Steinfeld, Esq.
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP / Santa Barbara, CA

Will Halligan , Principal Hydrogeologist
Luhdorff & Scalmanini, Consulting Engineers / Woodland, CA

3:00 pm


3:15 pm

Clean Water Case Study: Technical Issues Associated with Augmenting Supplies by Treating Wastewater from Oil Production - (Session # 4)

From a cost and technical feasibility standpoint, will demands for additional water create a market for this byproduct of oil production?

Bob Ohlund, PE , Vice President, Engineering Practice
Dudek / Encinitas, CA

3:45 pm

Clean Water (cont'd): Evolving Regulatory Compliance Issues for Wetlands, Species, and Stream Habitats

Fish & Wildlife Service asserting surface rights for endangered species that have an impact on ground water; Fish & Wildlife and jurisdiction under the Section 1600 stream alteration program; tips for putting together your technical case

Roderick E. Walston, Esq.
Best Best & Krieger LLP / Walnut Creek, CA

Steve M. Anderson, Esq.
Best Best & Krieger LLP / Riverside, CA

Waters of the US legal developments and evolving technical approaches: Practical approaches for assessing and addressing the impacts

Tony Bomkamp , Senior Biologist/Regulatory Specialist
Glenn Lukos Associates, Inc. / Placentia, CA

5:00 pm

Evaluations and Adjourn

Faculty Bios

Christian L. Marsh , Program Co-Chair, partner, Downey Brand LLP, specializes in regulatory and land use entitlement issues governing real estate developments, ground and surface water supply projects, renewable and non-renewable energy facilities, and port and waterfront developments.
Full bio and contact info for Christian L. Marsh at Downey Brand LLP

Peter Quinlan , Program Co-Chair, Vice President and Hydrogeology Practice Leader, Dudek, founded the Hydrogeology practice at Dudek and has worked on a variety of water supply projects, including assertion of Pueblo Rights and associated litigation, and the potential environmental impacts of development and groundwater production on riparian habitat.

David R. E. Aladjem , partner, Downey Brand LLP, has over a quarter-century of experience helping clients across California manage and resolve water resources management problems, especially those at the intersection of water rights, endangered species, and CEQA/NEPA.
Full bio and contact info for David R. E. Aladjem at Downey Brand LLP

Steve M. Anderson , partner, Best Best & Krieger LLP, focuses on environmental, water and natural resources law. He works on water supply, water quality, endangered species, environmental mitigation, conservation easements and other natural resource law matters.

Tony Bomkamp , Senior Biologist/Regulatory Specialist, Glenn Lukos Associates, Inc., is a field biologist, wetlands ecologist, and regulatory specialist with an extensive background in wetlands.

Andrea P. Clark , partner, Downey Brand LLP, specializes in water rights and flood control, serving as general counsel to a variety of public agencies from local reclamation districts and water districts to regional joint powers authorities.
Full bio and contact info for Andrea P. Clark at Downey Brand LLP

Stephen J. Cullen, Ph.D., PG , CEM (NV), Principal Hydrogeologist, Senior Vice President, California Operations, Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc. has conducted hundreds of groundwater investigations, sat on expert panels, and provided expert testimony to State and Federal courts, and to the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Charles E. Ester , Manager, Surface Water Resources of Salt River Project, is responsible for watershed monitoring and reservoir operations planning in both short- and long-term time horizons in flood, and drought conditions.

Will Halligan , Principal Hydrogeologist, Luhdorff & Scalmanini, Consulting Engineers, expertise includes geology and groundwater-related regional and basin-wide investigations and groundwater modeling.

Charles H. Hanson, Ph.D. , Senior Fishery Biologist, Hanson Environmental, Inc., has been involved in investigations of endangered species in the Central Valley and Delta, development of recovery plans, listing decisions and identification of critical habitat.

Bob Ohlund, PE , Vice President, Dudek, is responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the engineering practice that provides services in potable water, recycled water, wastewater, stormwater resources and general civil engineering disciplines.

F. Martin Ralph, Ph.D. , Director, Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is a synoptic and mesoscale research meteorologist focused on understanding the physical processes that create extremes in precipitation ranging from flood to drought.

Amy M. Steinfeld , shareholder, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, has experience in Colorado River Issues and Endangered Species Act compliance. She represents public water agencies, special districts, private landowners and water utilities in both litigation and transactional matters.

Roderick E. Walston , of counsel, Best Best & Krieger LLP, specializes in natural resources and water law. He was Deputy Solicitor and Acting Solicitor of the Department of the Interior, Chief Assistant Attorney General for California; and General Counsel of the Metropolitan Water District. He has argued several cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, including California v. United States, 438 U.S. 645.


Continuing Education Credits

Live credits: Law Seminars International is a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider. This program qualifies for 6.5 California MCLE credits. Upon request, we will apply for, or help you apply for, CLE credits in other states and other types of credits.

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