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A Comprehensive Two-Day Conference on

Local Climate Change Planning

Strategies for developing local Climate Action Plans and adapting to major 2017 legislative actions

November 13 & 14, 2017

Sacramento, CA
(or anyplace you may be via webcast!)

Sacramento - CA


What to Look Forward to

Due to Trump Administration's rejection of Obama-era environmental policies and announced intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, state and local governments are taking the lead on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. California is on the forefront of this movement.

This year has seen two major developments in state climate action policy. One is the release of CARB's 2017 updates to its Scoping Plan. The other is major legislative action this summer on climate change. We also have new developments in implementation of the SB 743 change to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) for analysis of transportation impacts under CEQA.

As a result, climate change impacts will permeate local government planning and permitting decision making in a variety of areas. Our first Local Climate Change Planning conference will include the following topics:

~ Federal environmental policy backdrop

~ AB 398, AB 617, and other California legislative developments

~ CARB's 2017 updates to the Scoping Plan

~ Cap & Trade as a foundational element for reducing carbon emissions

~ Implementation of new affordable housing and Environmental Justice provisions

~ Alternative pathways for meeting GHG emission goals

~ Modeling approaches for better decision making

~ Transportation & land use: Development of Regional Targets

~ Local options for getting to the Net Zero goal for new housing

~ SB 743 and implementation of Vehicle Miles Traveled

~ CEQA carbon emissions analysis after Newhall Ranch

~ State guidance on development of Vibrant Communities

~ Practical tips for developing Local Climate Action Plans

We are fortunate to have the author of SB 743 and SB 375, former Senate President Pro Tem and Mayor Darrell Steinberg, in attendance to address how those two pieces of legislation affect local land use planning. CARB board member and Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna will address the recently adopted CARB Scoping Plan, and the impact of the extension of the Cap and Trade program through 2030.

We hope you will join us for a very practical discussion of the new state requirements and how local governments, and the regulated community, can best adapt their policies and strategies for meeting the state's GHG emission goals and complying with the new requirements.

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Faculty Bios

Jennifer L. Hernandez, Jennifer L. Hernandez, Program Co-Chair, leads the West coast Land Use and Environment Practice Group at Holland & Knight LLP. Her climate change practice includes integrating climate change requirements into the environmental analyses required by CEQA. She also advises clients on climate action planning.

Tina A. Thomas, Tina A. Thomas, Program Co-Chair, is founder of the Thomas Law Group. Her work extends beyond the traditional role of attorney, shaping not only land use legislation, but also the way it is practiced and understood. She played an extensive role in the passage of California Senate Bill 375, which encourages smart growth and infill development.

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