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A Crucial and Timely Conference on

Tribal Consultations

What's new and important now; strategies for success for all participants

June 22 & 23, 2020

Seattle, WA

Seattle - WA

Program Overview

What to Look Forward to

~ The nature and scope of the duty of consultation

~ Consultation between Tribes and federal agencies

~ Consultation with Washington State agencies

~ Consultation on environmental issues

~ Gaining leverage from Tribal adoption of environmental standards

~ Consultation as a way for Tribes and state or local governments to pursue common interests

~ Consultation on non-environmental issues

~ Consolation leading to intergovernmental agreements on economic issues

~ Tribal Treaty Rights and the concept of Reservation Homeland Protection Rights

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Faculty Bios

Andrew Fuller, Andrew Fuller, Program Co-Chair, focuses primarily on environmental and natural resource matters at Ogden Murphy Wallace. This includes assisting Tribes with the development and implementation of their Tribal Environmental Programs.

Amelia Marchand, Amelia Marchand, Program Co-Chair, is the Director of the Environmental Trust Department for the Colville Confederated Tribes. In this role, she serves as the Tribe's Environmental and cultural resource manager.

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