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About Law Seminars

Our robust Zoom interactive broadcasting company enables us to be your premier virtual CLE company for lawyers, land use planners, and environmental professionals. Our wonderful on screen hosting and control room team ensure that the programs go very smoothly and with excellet production values.

Our live event format may have changed to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, but our mission remains the same. We design our programs to offer you insights and tools to enable you to master today's issues and plan ahead with solutions for the ones coming over the horizon. We recognize that there are no purely legal, business, or public policy issues. Our programs feature a faculty of top professionals from a variety of disciplines. This enables us to provide information in its full context so that you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the problems you are addressing.

Our equally distinguished audiences include lawyers, business executives, consultants, and government officials. You'll have an opportunity to build relationships with colleagues that you might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet.

  • Live Broadcasts provide an opportunity offer an opportunity to directly participate in the conversation. As one attendee put it: Sometimes you just have to be in the same room! In the Covid era, that's now the same Zoom.
  • Audio and Video Replays allow you to time-shift your content. Our replays can qualify for credits in most states.


H. Kate Johnson


Law Seminars President/Founder