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The 28th Annual Seattle Conference on

Electric Power in the West

Featuring an exceptional faculty of renowned energy experts including Phillip Moeller, EEI, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington Commissioners, and many other leading energy experts

Presented on January 26 & 27, 2023

Seattle, WA

And via Interactive Online Broadcast

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Program Overview

Who Should Order

Attorneys, industry executives, government officials, customer representatives, and anyone else involved with electric energy issues

Why You will Benefit from the Replay

This year we have major global events, government policy initiatives, and court decisions driving energy markets in the west. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has had a major impact on global gas supplies while climate change is bringing record heat and wildfires that have impacted supplies of, and demand for, electric power in the region.

At the federal level, Congress provided substantial funding for electric clean energy infrastructure development. Former FERC Commissioner Phil Moeller will provide his insights as VP of Business Operations and Regulatory Affairs for the Edison Electric Institute into the impact of new infrastructure funding in light of the supply/demand characteristics of western energy markets.

The Red Wave did not materialize. However, likely Congressional inaction on climate change, coupled with the Major Questions doctrine espoused in the Supreme Court's West Virginal v. EPA decision, may hamper Biden Administration regulatory efforts to decarbonize the electric sector.

We now have new state-level climate initiatives playing a larger role with ambitious decarbonization goals for both the electric and transportation sectors. Our expert speakers will distill these disparate events into a coherent picture of the impact on west coast energy markets for market participants and government officials in the region.

Regional headliners include Dede Subakti and Mark Rothleder with Cal ISO, Kristine Raper with WECC, and Bruce Rew with SPP. Our state commissioner's panel will include The Hon. John Hammond from Idaho, The Hon. Megan Decker from Oregon, and The Hon. Ann Rendahl from Washington.

They are joined by a select group of legal practitioners and consultants who will help you develop strategies for successfully reaching your organizations goals in the evolving market for electric energy in the west. Many, like former state PUC commissioner Phil Jones and Randy Hardy, former BPA Administrator, have regulatory and operational experiences that provide depth to their analysis.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be another outstanding program. Sign up soon!

~ Stan Berman, Esq. of Berman and Todderud and Lisa D. Hardie, Esq. of McDowell Rackner Gibson, Program Co-Chairs

What You Will Learn

  • Federal energy policy update
  • EPA case law update
  • Impact of global events a on electric markets in the West
  • Impact of electric energy-related funding in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act
  • Washington's Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) and Climate Commitment Act (CCA)
  • Oregon's HB 2021
  • The role of independent power and competition
  • The role of electrification in the transition from fossil fuels in transportation
  • Transmission constraints affecting Oregon and Washington's ability to meet their clean energy goals
  • How do key state regulatory officials see their primary challenges for the coming year
  • Impacts on regional grid management and market operations

What Participants Said

  • I thought this was the best Electric Power in the West conference I've ever participated in, and Iíve participated in at least 15 of the 25 conferences. Nice work!
  • Overall excellent CLE
  • Very important to have the state commissioners panel
  • Well done, as usual
  • Great conversations - a good mix of basic information and more advanced energy issues

Agenda Day 1

9:00 am

Introduction & Overview

Stan Berman, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Berman and Todderud / Seattle, WA

Lisa D. Hardie, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
McDowell Rackner Gibson / Portland, OR

9:15 am

Federal Energy Policy Update

Takeaways from recent FERC decisions; a detailed look at issues currently pending before the Commission; developments at other agencies including DOE and EPA

Douglas W. Smith, Esq.
Van Ness Feldman / Washington, DC

10:00 am

EPA Case Law Update

West Virginia v. EPA and other cases on EPA's authority to implement Biden administration energy policies including ones intended to combat climate change by limiting carbon emissions from fossil fuel plants

David M. Gossett, Esq.
Davis Wright Tremaine / Washington, DC

Craig Gannett, Esq.
Davis Wright Tremaine / Seattle, WA

10:45 am


11:00 am

Energy Market Economics: Global Events and their Impact on Electric Markets in the West

Climate: The impact of hotter weather and the ongoing drought on supply and demand

Arne Olson , Senior Partner
Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. / San Francisco, CA

Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Its impact on energy markets and lessons learned

Carolyn A. Berry, Ph.D. , Principal
Bates White Economic Consulting / Washington, DC

12:15 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

Global Events (cont'd): Record Heat and Wildfires

California under stress in the summer of 2022: Lessons from record loads, operational challenges, and largely successful avoidance of blackouts

Dede Subakti , VP, System Operations
California Independent System Operator / Folsom, CA

2:15 pm

A Big Picture Look at Electric Infrastructure Development

Regulated industry perspective on the impact of electric energy-related funding in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act; the interplay between federal infrastructure development policies and supply/demand factors

Philip D. Moeller , Executive VP, Business Operations and Regulatory Affairs
Edison Electric Institute / Washington, DC

2:45 pm


3:00 pm

Implementation of New State-Level Climate Initiatives in Oregon and Washington

Washington's Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), Climate Commitment Act (CCA)

Craig Gannett, Esq.
Davis Wright Tremaine / Seattle, WA

Walker Stanovsky, Esq.
Davis Wright Tremaine / Seattle, WA

Oregon's HB 2021

Sania Radcliffe, Esq. , Director, Government Affairs & Environmental Policy
Portland General Electric / Portland, OR

Jordan R. Schoonover, Esq.
McDowell Rackner & Gibson / Portland, OR

4:15 pm

The Role of Independent Power and Competition

The part they can play in meeting clean energy goals and how they see power markets changing

Todd G. Glass, Esq.
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati / Seattle, WA

5:00 pm

Reception for In-Person Faculty & Attendees

Sponsored by Berman and Todderud

Friday, January 27, 2023

9:00 am

The Role of Electrification in the Transition from Fossil Fuels in Transportation and the Impact on Electric Utilities

Implementation of electric vehicle infrastructure plans in Oregon and Washington

Philip B. Jones , Executive Director
Alliance for Transportation Electrification / Seattle, WA

9:45 am

From Policy to Power

Case study of actionable recommendations that, if implemented, would significantly increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and regulatory certainty of U.S. offshore wind

Edward (Ted) Boling, Esq.
Perkins Coie / Washington, DC

Amy Trice , Director of Ocean Planning
Ocean Conservancy / Washington, DC

10:30 am


10:45 am

How Key State Regulatory Officials See the Primary Challenges and Issues for the Coming Year

Primary items on commission agendas in the Pacific Northwest

The Hon. John R. Hammond, Jr., Esq. , Commissioner
Idaho Public Utilities Commission / Boise, ID

The Hon. Megan Decker, Esq. , Chair
Oregon Public Utility Commission / Salem, OR

The Hon. Ann E. Rendahl, Esq. , Commissioner
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission / Olympia, WA

12:15 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

Regional Grid Management and Market Operations

Regional grid manager perspectives on current power planning for climate resiliency and resource adequacy, EIM, prospects for a Westwide-RTO, EDAM vs. Markets+, and other issues

Kristine Raper, Esq. , VP of External Affairs
Western Electricity Coordinating Council / Salt Lake City, UT

Bruce Rew , Sr. VP, Operations
Southwest Power Pool / Little Rock, AR

Mark Rothleder , Sr. VP & COO
California Independent System Operator / Folsom, CA

3:30 pm


3:45 pm

Transmission Constraints Affecting Oregon and Washington's Ability to Meet their Clean Electricity Mandates

Operational perspective on transmission capacity constraints and how they will impact/impede achieving the electrification goals that Oregon and Washington would like to pursue

Randall W. Hardy
Hardy Energy Consulting / Seattle, WA

Implications for utility resource planning

Joshua Jacobs , VP, Clean Energy Strategy
Puget Sound Energy / Bellevue, WA

5:00 pm

Evaluations and Adjourn

Faculty Bios

Stan Berman, Stan Berman, Program Co-Chair, co-founded Berman and Todderud. He represents electric utilities and other electric industry participants in complex high-stakes litigation and appeals at FERC, state regulatory commissions, and in the courts. Before going into private practice, he was the Assistant General Counsel in charge of the Office of Hydroelectric and Electric Litigation at the FERC.

Lisa D. Hardie, Lisa D. Hardie, Program Co-Chair, is a partner at McDowell Rackner Gibson and focuses on energy regulatory matters and related litigation. She formerly served as Chair of the Oregon Public Utility Commission and as an Administrative Law Judge for the Commission.

Carolyn A. Berry, Ph.D., Carolyn A. Berry, Ph.D., principal at Bates White Economic Consulting, is an energy economist with the firm's Energy Practice. She specializes in market design and analysis, policy formation, and regulatory issues in the energy industry, including collaborating and advising on electric and gas market initiatives and strategy.

Edward (Ted) Boling, Edward (Ted) Boling, a partner at Perkins Coie, previously served as an Associate Director at the President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). In that capacity, he was the country's top National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) attorney. His work at CEQ also included the National Ocean Policy, CEQ's climate change guidance.

The Hon. Megan Decker, The Hon. Megan Decker, Chair of the Oregon Public Utility Commission. represents Oregon as Co-Chair of the Committee on Regional Electric Power Cooperation (CREPC), as well as a member of the Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body (WIRAB) and the Enrolled Parties and States Committee of NorthernGrid. Prior to her appointment, Chair Decker was an Assistant General Counsel with the Port of Portland.

Craig Gannett Craig Gannett is a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine. He focuses his practice in the fields of electric utility regulation, renewable energy development, and climate change-related regulation. He also teaches Climate Change Law at the University of Washington School of Law and is the President of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, which focuses on the intersection of climate change and national security.

Todd G. Glass Todd G. Glass is a partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He represents energy companies, project developers, and investors in groundbreaking energy project matters, transactions, and financings in North America, Asia, and Europe.

David M. Gossett, David M. Gossett, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine, is a leading appellate and regulatory litigator who has successfully argued in the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous other federal and state courts of appeals. Before joining DWT, he served as deputy general counsel at the FCC and as the initial assistant general counsel for litigation at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The Hon. John R. Hammond, Jr. The Hon. John R. Hammond, Jr. was appointed to his first term with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in January of 2022. Prior to being appointed to the Commission, he worked for the Idaho Office of the Attorney General as a Deputy Attorney General and later as the Commission's lead Deputy Attorney General.

Randall W. Hardy Randall W. Hardy is the Founder of Hardy Energy Consulting, which provides strategic advice to utilities, their customers, and other groups and organizations affected by electricity restructuring. He is the former CEO of Seattle City Light and as BPA Administrator.

Joshua Jacobs is Vice President for Clean Energy Strategy at Puget Sound Energy.

Philip B. Jones Philip B. Jones is President of Phil Jones Consulting and serves as Executive Director of the Alliance for Transportation Electrification. It is a recently established industry-funded non-profit association that seeks to promote the acceleration of transportation electrification deployments, a robust utility role, and interoperability and open standards. He served on the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) from March 2005 to March 2017.

Philip D. Moeller Philip D. Moeller is Executive VP for the Business Operations Group and Regulatory Affairs at Edison Electric Institute. He previously was the second-longest serving member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Earlier in his career, he served as a Senior Legislative Assistant for Energy Policy to U.S. Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA).

Arne Olson Arne Olson is a Senior Partner at Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. and leads the firm's Bulk Energy Infrastructure practice. He has led a number of landmark studies of the feasibility and cost of achieving deep decarbonization and high renewable penetration goals for electric utilities, including studies of 100% renewable and net zero energy systems in New England, California, the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest.

Sania Radcliffe Sania Radcliffe is Director of Environmental Affairs and Governmental Policy for Portland General Electric.

Kristine Raper Kristine Raper is Vice President of External Affairs for the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC). Immediately before joining the WECC, she served as a Commissioner at the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.

The Hon. Ann E. Rendahl The Hon. Ann E. Rendahl is a Commissioner at the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. She currently serves as chair of the Electricity Committee and a member of the Critical Infrastructure Committee for the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC). She also serves as a member of the Body of State Regulators for the California ISO's Energy Imbalance Market.

Bruce Rew is Senior Vice President of Operations for the Southwest Power Pool. He is responsible for SPP's real-time operations, operational planning and analysis support of all reliability coordination, market operations, tariff administration and scheduling functions. He has also served as Vice President of Engineering for SPP.

Mark Rothleder is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the California Independent System Operator (ISO), leading a multi-divisional management team that integrates market policy, planning, operations, technology, and program management. He previously served as Vice President of Market Policy and Performance, Executive Director of Market Analysis and Development, Principal Market Developer, and Director of Market Operations.

Jordan R. Schoonover Jordan R. Schoonover is a partner at McDowell Rackner & Gibson focusing on energy and administrative law. She specializes in regulatory compliance and litigation for energy utilities throughout the West.

Douglas W. Smith Douglas W. Smith is a partner at Van Ness Feldman. He formerly served as General Counsel of the FERC and as Deputy General Counsel for Energy Policy at DOE.

Walker Stanovsky Walker Stanovsky practices energy and climate change law at Davis Wright Tremaine, He has represented publicly owned and investor-owned utilities, utility customers, independent power producers, and sustainability-focused nonprofits and helped them navigate the swift currents of climate and energy regulation at the local, state, and federal levels.

Dede Subakti Dede Subakti is Vice President for System Operations at the California Independent System Operator. Prior to joining the ISO, he worked with OATI, Inc., a global energy solutions and software company, managing project development for various transmission system applications for transmission service providers in both the Western and Eastern Interconnections. Before that, he served as Manager of Regional Operations Engineering at the Midwest ISO (now Midcontinent ISO).

Amy Trice Amy Trice is Director of Ocean Planning at the Ocean Conservancy. She is a scientist and a policy expert in the field of ocean governance and integrated ocean management, particularly in the United States. Her work has bolstered integrated ocean management efforts in the U.S., particularly in the development of regional ocean plans for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Continuing Education Credits

In-person and live broadcast credits: This program qualifies for 12.25 Washington MCLE, 12.50 California MCLE, 12.25 Idaho MCLE, 12.25 Oregon MCLE, and 12.25 ABCEP environmental professional credits. Upon request, we will help you apply for CLE credits in other states and other types of credits.

I appreciate LSI's seamless segue from registration, an informative seminar, to end result.