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A Timely New Seminar on Emerging Legal Issues from Use of

Generative Artificial Intelligence

For attorneys and industry executives involved with development and use of the technology

April 14, 2023

Live via Interactive Online Broadcast

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Program Overview

What to Look Forward to

~ How Generative Artificial Intelligence works and the legal implications

~ Legal theories being pursued in the early court filings

~ Regulatory responses

~ Copyright infringement, Right of Publicity, and trademark misappropriation issues

~ Ownership of machine generated Intellectual Property

~ Business risk factors: Plagiarism and other potential liability issues

~ Industry standards: Current best practices for use of Generative AI

~ Ethical Issues for lawyers using Generative AI

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Faculty Bios

Lisa T. Oratz, Lisa T. Oratz, Program Chair, is a Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie and is she is the co-lead of the Film & Television industry group. She works with many internet, digital media, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), and traditional companies on a broad range of topics including privacy, name image and likeness, content liability, social media issues, intellectual property, site terms, and contracts.

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