Law Seminars International Presents:

The 21st Annual Conference on

Electric Power in the Southwest

Current federal and regional energy laws and policies; strategies for successfully navigating major new challenges and opportunities

September 16 & 17, 2024

Santa Fe, NM

And via Interactive Online Broadcast

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Program Overview

Who Will Benefit from Attending

Attorneys, industry executives, governmental officials, Tribal representatives, customer representatives and anyone else involved with energy policy, planning, and development in the Southwest

Why You will Benefit from Attending

Please join us for this year's Electric Power in the Southwest conference at the historic La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, or live online via Interactive Broadcast.

Leading energy attorneys, industry executives, government and Tribal representatives will provide critical updates on electric power in the Southwestern states as they continue a transition to cleaner power, new market structures, and innovative technologies.

You will hear the latest developments at FERC, with an emphasis on new cost allocation methodologies to enable regional transmission to be expanded across the western United States to tap into developing markets, and to help resolve resource adequacy issues.

You also will hear the latest regionalization news from CAISO's Enhanced Day Ahead Market, Southwest Power Pool's Markets+ and RTO-West expansion, the Pathways Initiative, and about the Western Resource Adequacy Program. For transmission infrastructure development, you will hear about the Western Transmission Expansion Coalition's efforts to facilitate region-wide joint planning efforts by transmission owners and stakeholders, a case study of a line to transport wind and solar resources from the Desert Southwest to market and improve regional grid reliability, and how independent developers confront challenges in transmission development.

The regional legislative and administrative policy development panel is a perennial favorite. It will help you understand the latest changes in state policies which affect the energy transition in each of the Southwest states.

During the second day, you will hear about specific demand and supply factors affecting Southwestern electric markets: The growth of AI and resulting demand for data centers, the beneficial electrification movement, and transportation decarbonization policy development as demand factors. On the supply side, grid readiness analysis for EV charging, SPP's demand response accreditation policy changes; evolving distributed generation and interconnection policies, PacfiCorp's EV charging infrastructure programs, Xcel Energy's Advanced Metering Infrastructure deployment and PNM's behind the meter customer products and program.

The topics we will cover and the speakers you will hear are extraordinary this year. Register soon and join us in person or remotely!

~ Thorvald Nelson, Esq. of Holland & Hart and Lisa Tormoen Hickey, Esq. of Interwest Energy Alliance, Program Co-Chairs

What You Will Learn

  • ~ FERC update
  • ~ Market Regionalization:
  • - CAISO
  • - SPP
  • - WPP & WRAP
  • - WWGPI (Pathways Initiative)
  • ~ Transmission infrastructure development
  • - Western Transmission Expansion Collation (WestTEC)
  • - Grid United Southline Transmission Project
  • - Utility sponsored transmission projects
  • ~ Factors affecting Southwestern electric markets
  • - AI and new demand from data centers
  • - SWEEP efforts to promote beneficial electrification
  • - SPP's demand response accreditation policy changes
  • ~ Distributed generation and interconnection in the Southwest
  • ~ Behind the meter developments
  • ~ Transportation decarbonization
  • - policy development and grant funding
  • - EV charging grid readiness analysis
  • - Programs to help expand charging infrastructure
  • - Advanced Metering Infrastructure to optimize EV charging

What Participants Have Said About Similar Programs

  • We learned a lot--we always do here (Marc Spitzer)
  • - Much appreciated. I enjoyed the conference and it's nice to get credit for attending something interesting.
  • - Every presenter had excellent visual presenta!ons, first CLE mutli-day conference I have done where all speakers were prepared with visuals
  • It was a terrific program!

Agenda Day 1

9:00 am

Introduction & Overview

Lisa Tormoen Hickey, Esq. , Program Co-Chair, Senior Regulatory Counsel
Interwest Energy Alliance / Albuquerque, NM

Thorvald Nelson, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Holland & Hart / Denver, CO

9:15 am

FERC Update

Key recent decisions and pending cases to watch, particularly with respect to development of, and cost recovery for, transmission facilities to get Southwestern renewables to market

Jette Gebhart, Esq. , Director - Office of Energy Market Regulation
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission / Washington, DC

10:00 am


10:15 am

Market Regionalization Developments

California Independent System Operator: Current strategies to manage higher amounts of renewable energy into the electricity system

Stacey Crowley , VP External Affairs
California Independent System Operator / Folsom, CA

Southwest Power Pool: Continued development of Markets+ and other initiatives

Carrie Simpson, Esq. , Director of Western Services Development
Southwest Power Pool / Little Rock, AR

Western Resource Adequacy Program (WRAP) as the first regional reliability planning and compliance program in the West

Sarah E. Edmonds, Esq. , President and CEO
Western Power Pool / Portland, OR

West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative (WWGPI or Pathways): How Western stakeholders are taking an innovative approach to overcoming historical challenges to electric market evolution in the West with the goal of serving the largest possible footprint

Kathleen Staks , Director
Western Freedom / Denver, CO

12:15 pm

Lunch (On Your Own)

1:30 pm

Transmission Development

Western Transmission Expansion Collation (WestTEC): Moving on from compliance-based Order 1000 planning and cost allocation discussions to region-wide joint transmission planning efforts by transmission owners and stakeholders

Benjamin Fitch-Fleischmann, Ph.D. , Director, Markets and Transmission
Interwest Energy Alliance / Missoula, MT

Grid United: Case study of the Southline Transmission Project, a 278-mile dual circuit line with substations to transport power bi-directionally and take wind and solar resources from the Desert Southwest to market and improve regional grid reliability

Bryant Coon , Senior Development Director
Grid United / Canyon, TX

2:45 pm


3:00 pm

Regional Legislative and Administrative Policy Developments


Greg Patterson, CPA, Esq. , Director
Arizona Competitive Power Alliance / Phoenix, AZ


Michelle Brandt King, Esq.
Holland & Hart / Denver, CO


Thorvald Nelson, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Holland & Hart / Denver, CO

New Mexico

Joan Drake, Esq.
Modrall Sperling / Albuquerque, NM


Phillip J. Russell, Esq.
James Dodge Russell & Stephens / Salt Lake City, UT

5:00 pm

Reception for On Site Faculty and Attendees

Sponsored by Arizona Competitive Power Alliance

Tuesday, September 17, 2024

9:00 am

Demand & Supply Factors Affecting Southwestern Electric Markets

The growth in AI and what that means for demand from data centers: To what extent will we see skyrocketing demand for electric power, particularly from carbon-free renewables, in the Southwest?

Heidi Ratz , Deputy Director, Market & Policy Innovation
Clean Energy Buyers Association / Washington, DC

Optimizing demand and supply: Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) efforts to promote energy efficiency, beneficial electrification, and clean transportation in the Southwest

Justin Brant , Utility Program Director
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project / Boulder, CO

How SPP's demand response accreditation policy changes influence the value of demand response and interruptible programs/tariffs, including implications for non-RTO utilities and western market participation in general

Brooke A. Trammell , Regional VP, Regulatory & Pricing
Xcel Energy / Amarillo, TX

10:30 am


10:45 am

Distributed Generation and Behind the Meter Generation in the Southwest

Dealmaking trends for behind the meter generation: Market and regulatory forces impacting the increasing interest in self-supply

Abigail C. Briggerman, Esq.
Holland & Hart / Denver, CO

Behind the meter developments: Case study of PNM's behind the meter customer products and program; the myriad of other resources for customers and how utilities track trends in electrification technology

Alaric Babej , Principal, Customer Energy Solutions
Public Service Company of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM

12:15 pm

Lunch (On Your Own)

1:30 pm

Transportation Decarbonization: Green Hydrogen Production and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development

Transportation decarbonization policy development and grant funding in the Southwest: ^TopicDetail

Keith Hay , Senior Director for Policy
Colorado Energy Office / Denver, CO

Grid readiness analysis: Where will we need additional grid capacity to meet the anticipated load? To what extent can new longer-term storage technologies, like iron-air batteries, reduce the need for new generation and transmission?

Akhilesh Ramakrishnan , Managing Energy Associate
The Brattle Group / Toronto, ON

Case study of PacifiCorp programs to help expand charging infrastructure and advance electric vehicle adoption across the West including innovative mobility projects to facilitate electrified highway and interstate systems

James Campbell , Director, Innovation and Sustainability Policy
PacifiCorp / Salt Lake City, UT

Optimized electric vehicle charging: Case study of Xcel Energy's Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment for managing charging in a way that maximizes energy market efficiency

Patrick Murphy , Manager, Program Policy
Xcel Energy / Denver, CO

3:30 pm

Evaluations and Adjourn

Faculty Bios

Lisa Tormoen Hickey, Lisa Tormoen Hickey, Program Co-Chair, is Senior Regulatory Counsel for Interwest Energy Alliance. She specializes in energy regulation and market analysis, promoting renewable energy across the Intermountain West. This includes representation of regional non-profit entities focusing on energy and natural resource conservation.

Thorvald Nelson, Thorvald Nelson, Program Co-Chair, is a partner at Holland & Hart where his clients include large electric consumers and electric consumer coalitions, independent power producers, renewable energy developers, and independent transmission developers. Before practicing law, he served as an economist with the Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel, where he served as a testifying expert on regulatory law and policy.

Alaric Babej Alaric Babej is Principal, Customer Energy Solutions at Public Service Company of New Mexico. In that role, he encourages the adoption of sustainable technology that expands transportation electrification, energy efficiency, and renewable energy options for customers. Before joining PNM, he was an engineer at Suncore Photovoltaics.

Justin Brant Justin Brant is the Utility Program Director for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP). He leads work at public utilities commissions around the Southwest advocating for stronger energy efficiency, demand management, rate design, and beneficial electrification. Prior to SWEEP, he did consulting work on greenhouse gas accounting and corporate sustainability. Before that, he was Assistant Director of the Electric Power Division at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Abigail C. Briggerman Abigail C. Briggerman is a partner at Holland & Hart. She counsels industrial consumers and independent power producers through a broad array of matters before state public utility commissions and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. She also has extensive experience representing consumer interests in state legislative affairs, advocating on their behalf before legislative committees.

James Campbell James Campbell is Director, Innovation and Sustainability Policy at PacifiCorp. He evaluates emerging technologies and develops programs that interact with customers. Focus areas include transportation electrification, building electrification, energy storage, microgrids, DERMS, and advanced grid research.

Bryant Coon Bryant Coon is Senior Development Director at Grid United. Before assuming his current role, he managed stakeholder relationships, permitting, due diligence, right-of-way acquisition, and construction support for numerous energy infrastructure projects.

Stacey Crowley Stacey Crowley is Vice President of External Affairs for the California Independent System Operator (ISO). She is responsible for delivering the organization's communications strategy, developing strategic partnerships, and overseeing governmental relations at the state, regional and federal levels. She also manages coordination with the Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIM) Governing Body and its committees.

Joan Drake Joan Drake is a shareholder at Modrall Sperling focusing on utility regulation and environmental permitting. She represents clients on matters involving state and federal regulation of electric utility rates and service, facility siting, wholesale and retail sales, utility acquisition, renewable energy and Qualifying Facilities, electric transmission and interconnection, power purchase and service agreements, and energy efficiency.

Sarah E. Edmonds Sarah E. Edmonds is President and CEO of the Northwest Power Pool Corporation, doing business as the Western Power Pool (WPP), a nonprofit corporation that helps coordinate electric grid operations for the western United States and Canada. She previously served as Director of Transmission and Reliability for Portland General Electric and Vice President and General Counsel of PacifiCorp.

Benjamin Fitch-Fleischmann is Dir Benjamin Fitch-Fleischmann is Dir ector, Markets and Transmission for the Interwest Energy Alliance. He formerly worked as Manager, Transmission Markets & Analysis for NorthWestern Energy; Director, Resource Planning for Ascend Analytics; and Manager, Carbon-Free Electricity for RMI.

Jette Gebhart Jette Gebhart is Director of the Office of Energy Market Regulation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. She previously served as Co-Chief of Staff to Chairman Cheryl LaFleur and as a Legislative Assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Keith Hay Keith Hay is the Senior Director for Policy at the Colorado Energy Office. He formerly held several positions at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, including serving as Advisor to the Commissioners. He also served as the Energy Program Director for the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Michelle Brandt King Michelle Brandt King is a partner at Holland & Hart and works on energy and public utility regulatory matters throughout the Mountain West. Her clients include industrial and commercial electric retail customers, independent power producers, renewable energy developers, natural gas local distribution companies and pipelines, transportation providers, and municipalities.

Patrick Murphy Patrick Murphy is Manager, Program Policy for Xcel Energy. His team focuses on Xcel's Clean Transportation, Renewable Energy, and Demand Side Management/Beneficial Electrification customer programs in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

Greg Patterson, CPA, is D Greg Patterson, CPA, is D irector of the Arizona Competitive Power Alliance and the New Mexico Independent Power Producers Association. He formerly served as Director of the Residential Utility Consumer Office and Chief of Staff at the Arizona State Senate.

Akhilesh Ramakrishnan Akhilesh Ramakrishnan is a Managing Energy Associate at The Brattle Group and specializes in policy analysis, regulatory economics, and strategic planning related to electrification and distributed energy resources (DERs). He has led efforts to evaluate electric grid impacts of electrification and DER adoption including work with technology companies and developers to illustrate the value of DERs and load flexibility to the electric system.

Heidi Ratz Heidi Ratz is Deputy Director, Market & Policy Innovation for Western Markets at the Clean Energy Buyers Association. She works to accelerate new policy approaches to decarbonization and supports CEBA's engagement on organized wholesale market design, structure, and governance. Previously, she worked at the World Resources Institute (WRI) where she examined clean energy barriers in utility planning and wholesale market design and as a consultant at the Brattle Group, with a focus on new business models for electric utilities.

Phillip J. Russell, Phillip J. Russell, James Dodge Russell & Stephens, represents a broad spectrum of energy clients, including industrial and commercial energy users, municipal and cooperative utilities, and renewable energy project developers. He also represents the Community Renewable Energy Agency in its efforts to develop a program with Rocky Mountain Power to enable residents in numerous Utah Communities to receive 100% of their electricity needs from renewable resources.

Carrie Simpson Carrie Simpson is Director of Western Services Development for the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). She rejoined SPP after working as Director of Western Markets for Xcel Energy, Director of Market Operations & Assistant Counsel at Guzman Energy, and Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Invenergy.

Kathleen Staks Kathleen Staks is the Director of Western Freedom, a broad coalition of large commercial and industrial customers working to promote the benefits of a more affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy future made possible through a Western Regional Transmission Organization (RTO). She formerly served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office and was the assistant director for energy and minerals at the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. She also serves as the Interim Chair of the Colorado Electric Transmission Authority

Brooke A. Trammell is Regional Vice President for Regulatory & Pricing for Xcel Energy. She previously held several positions including Regional Vice President, Rates & Regulatory Affairs, Director, Customer & Community Relations, and Manager, Rate Cases.

Continuing Education Credits

Live credits: This program qualifies for 11.00 NM MCLE; 11.00 AZ MCLE; 11.25 CA MCLE; 13.00 CO MCLE; 11.00 NV MCLE; 11.00 UT MCLE; 11.00 WA MCLE; 11.00 ABCEP environmental professional credits. Upon request, we will help you apply for CLE credits in other states and other types of credits.

I appreciate LSI's seamless segue from registration, an informative seminar, to end result.

In-Person Location

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La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel

100 E. San Francisco Street in Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 982-5511

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